Share Package - FOUNDERS BONUS

Share Package - FOUNDERS BONUS

Share... (soon)

Availability: AVAILABLE

Manufacturer: Pozitron Plus

Product code: SHARE100

2,950.00 EUR / pc.

Product description:


Package description FOUNDERS BONUS

- Price 2,950 eur
- Contents 4 x OFFICE SET (1 OFFICE SET = 1 x 20m, 1 x 5m, 2 x 3m, 2 x 1m)
- Number of packages on offer: 100,
- Package on offer until 31.12.2020.

Package benefits:
- Participation in the sharing of 1% of the total turnover of Pozitron Plus GLOBAL (the amount of the bonus depends on the number of active packages (maximum 100) and the turnover that Pozitron Plus Global generates),
- discount on each of the 4 SETS that are part of the package (discount 460 eur per SET).

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