Pozitron Plus – PERSONAL (3 m)

Pozitron Plus – PERSONAL (3 m)

Harmonizes body energy, raises the flow of energy through all organs, eases your organism’s self-protection against pathogenic radiation from technical devices and wireless technologies...


Manufacturer: Pozitron Plus

Product code: PEPR3M

135.00 EUR / pc.

Product description:

Pozitron Plus - PERSONAL (protective radius 3 meters)

Harmonizes body energy, raises the flow of energy through all organs, eases your organism’s self-protection against pathogenic radiation from technical devices and wireless technologies, as well as from the natural radiation within the radius of 3 meters.

With its programmed spectrum of physiological frequencies IT POWERFULLY RAISES THE FLOW OF ENERGY in all organs and organ systems in the whole body by positive stimulation of the autonomous nervous system, it has a calming effect on the nervous system. It breaks energetic blockades in the organism, harmonizes the energy of the whole body by making it energetically stronger and by raising the power of the immune system.

In this way, it creates a strong NATURAL ENERGETIC SHIELD in the whole body and significantly reduces the harmful effect of the aggressive frequencies of the radiation from your surroundings (CERTIFICATE FROM THE BION INSTITUTE, PIP test, KAMERA – London, BIOSTAR TECHNOLOGY test, ROFES DEVICE test, SOCIO EDUCTOR test, and QUEST9 electro-physiological Biofeefback Devices).

With its programmed frequencies, in a very high percentage (over 90% - CERTIFICATES EUNES and HUPED), Pozitron Plus helps your organism to defend itself from the electromagnetic radiation from technical devices and wireless technologies from the space in which you are spending your time (mobile phones, wireless phones, electric circuits, repeaters, tablet, laptop, computer, scanners, printers, microwave oven, air-conditioning, WI-FI, 4G, 5G network, etc.). At the same time it helps the organism to defend itself from very harmful effects of the natural radiation (underground water flows, Hartmans and Curry’s radiation) on the places where you sleep or the places where you spend several hours sitting. In this way, it raises the organism’s defense from the harmful influences on the level that is above average. It protects you from the great robbers of human energy from our living and working environments. In this way, the inner energy of the organism’s defensive powers is not wasted and the immune system becomes naturally stronger.

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POZITRON PLUS - PERSONAL (size 5x5 centimeters) has a very strong protective effect from the pathogenic spectrum of the harmful radiation in a very high percentage (over 90%), within the radius of 3 meters. It is used for PERSONAL PROTECTION OF ONE PERSON which makes it practical value priceless because you carry it around with you all the time (in your pocket, wallet, purse...) no matter where you might go. When you come to work (school or the faculty), when you use your computer for work, when you drink your coffee in your favorite coffee place...just place it on the table near you or keep it in your hand while waiting in the bank, in the doctor's office, etc.



At the same time, POZITRON PLUS – with its programmed frequencies that are compatible with human physiological frequencies, through the autonomous nervous system strongly raises the flow of energy through all of your organs and organic systems. In this way, it enables you to have more energy for living and working and – of course – it makes your immune system stronger.

POZITRON PLUS – PERSONAL is also very useful when you travel because you can move it easily and always keep it by your side. When you get to the hotel, motel, vacation house etc., just take it out of your wallet, place it next to the bed and your new sleeping place will be protected. Consequently, you will sleep better. When you go out for jogging or recreational walk etc., take it with you in your pocket. In this way, it will raise your energy flow and enable faster relaxation and regeneration of your organism. This is what makes it so popular among the athletes (professional and recreational).

It is ideal for professional drivers, business people who travel often and – generally – for all people who spend a lot of time in the car (bus, truck, plane). It helps your organism to more easily protect itself from the harmful radiation of accumulators, electronics and wireless signals from GPS which are great robbers of our energy during the rides. At the same time, it raises your inner energy, enables better focus and makes you less exhausted from driving. It is especially recommended for the owners of electric cars and hybrids. Just take Pozitron out of your wallet and keep it in the drawer next to the gearbox.


It is recommendable for absolutely anyone to carry it around with them all the time. People who sit while they work should take it to the job and keep it on their desks during the working hours. Children in school and students should have it in their bags. When they study, they can take it out and place it on the desk. Car drivers should place it next to the gearbox when they drive. It is very useful for everyone. It will help healthy people to remain healthy for a long time. It will also help people with chronic diseases and elderly people. It will raise their energy flow, make their mood better, and make their immune system stronger. It has a very calming effect on the nervous system and helps reduce anxiety and depressive moods which also contributes to better psychophysical balance.

The new 5G wireless network is here and its density in the inhabited areas is very high. This will significantly raise the level of electromagnetic pollution of our working and living environments, but it also brings numerous new possibilities. This is the reason why – along with development of the modern technologies – development of the modern products for the protection of the human organism and reduction of the harmful effects of the technologies – is of crucial importance.

POZITRON PLUS – PERSONAL is a modern, highly sophisticated NANO-TECH PRODUCT which helps to protect your health and your children's’ health. It provides MUCH MORE SAFETY in the environment where you are surrounded by modern technologies.


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