Pozitron Plus  - CAT PROTECT

Pozitron Plus - CAT PROTECT

POZY CAT, with its programmed frequencies, has a long-term effect. POZY CAT It raises the flow of energy and empowers the immune system of your dog.


Manufacturer: Pozitron Plus

Product code: POZYCAT

34.00 EUR / pc.

Product description:

POZY ANIMAL PROTECT works as a small, POSITIVE FREQUENCIES TRANSMITTER. The frequencies are compatible with the dog’s and cat's frequencies.

In addition to the primary function of a product that helps protect the health of dogs and cats with its programmed frequencies, an additional option has been implemented in that same product that makes it easier for owners to find a lost pet. On the back of the POZY DOG and POZY CAT pendants, we have implemented a unique serial number and QR CODE that immediately leads to the website and provides complete information about the owner of the lost pet. This can significantly speed up finding, identifying and contacting a pet owner, which gives this product a unique added value.

Pozitron Plus CAT PLACE (protective radius 3 meters)

The dog should wear the protective pendant and necklace – VITALITY COLLAR during the day and during the night. For ideal effect, you should use it together with the PROTECTIVE PANELBOARD – CAT PLACE for a dog house (or for a dog’s sleeping place). THE PROTECTIVE PANELBOARD – SLEEP HARMONY guarantees a protective radius of approximately 4 meters. It provides excellent protection for your dog’s house or for the place the dog’s sleeping spot. It should be placed near the cat’s house or by the cat’s sleeping spot.

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